We are dedicated to crime prevention and community well-being by partnering with the local South African Police Station, our front-line workers and our community members. Anybody from our community can join. Be the accountable and responsible neighbour and sign-up today. Help make our area safe.

CONTACT: admin@scpfsector1.co.za or follow us on Facebook. 24 Hour emergency line 071 509 6830.

>>In which Sector of Sinoville CPF do I live?<<

Sector 1 Boundaries:
South: Magalies Mountain
North: Wonderboom Airport
West: Paul Kruger St / Lavendar St
East: Veronica Road / Jan Bantjies St
Sector 2 Boundaries:  Emergencies: 079 025 5001
South: Magalies Mountain
North: Klippan St
West: Veronica Rd / Jan Bantjies St

East: N1 Highway

Sector 3 Boundaries: Emergencies: 079 278 6774
South: N4 Rustenburg Highway
North: Wallmansthal
West: R101 (Lavendar St)
East: N1 Highway
Sector 4 Boundaries: Emergencies: 074 133 4353
South: Klippan St
North: N4 Rustenburg Highway
West: R101 (Lavendar St)
East: N1 Highway